“addicted to the ministry of the saints” (1 CO 16:15)

New Life Messengers is the child of Jump for Jesus. It came to pass that I began spending time with small independent groups , in my travels, doing “home prayer meetings.” This was in the late 70¹s and early 80¹s during the”storefront” Church movement.

I gave myself to whatever group asked and was hungry for more of Jesus. It was a time when there were many “scattered sheep”. Many who were looking for more than just Sunday & Wednesday church. People who were hungry and ready for “commitment and spiritual fellowship”. People wanting to walk in everything that Jesus is offering, being involved in “saving souls” and extending the Kingdom of God regardless of denominational boundaries or religious traditions. I found a great need and hunger in God¹s people for being trained into the ministry of the Spirit. Thus, New Life Messengers was birthed.

Today, New Life Messengers, as a “Body of believers”, functions within the principles of Acts 2:42, and is the ministry team support for Jump for Jesus Evangelism. We are based in Billings, Montana where we offer a weekly Sunday gathering for “Food, Fellowship, and Word Ministry” at 1 p.m. after the local Church services.

During the winter season, New Life Messengers continues with weekly home fellowships, public meetings, and I respond to out-side Ministry invitations.


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